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have anyone ever felt that they are trapped and thats its a loop with no way to get out. I have these dreams again and again different but always ending with a loop with no end or no future.

Sometimes i dream of falling from a great height and its a dark hall and i'm falling and falling and keep on falling i try doing something but cant as there is nothing to hold on to i just keep on falling in that darkness and after trying to move or set my self free i just keep waiting to touch the end but its no where to be seen its been so long that i'm falling that i dont even care what will happen if i crash at the ground after falling from such a height i just want to end the fall but i keep on falling hopeless with nothing to do and so frustrated that i'm even ready to die when i hit the ground i just want to stop falling in these darkness but its seems like never ending........

Sometimes i have a dream that i'm running i dont know towards something or away from something but i have to keep on running and then i see an intersection with lots of options to choose from and i choose 1 of them but after running in that direction for hours i find myself back at the same intersection so try other way but the same thing happens again and again and all ways lead me back to the same intersection. I'm tired of running so much but i need to get out of it without any idea how to do it... i have tried everything but still trapped i tried all the ways again but still no solution they all lead back to same place again and again and after sometime the intersection start disappearing and it all turn into a desert with nothing to choose from i'm all alone tired and surrounded by deserts hopeless not knowing what to do now with no end or future.... 

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